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Johl Anderson, Green Bird Horticultural Ltd.

As an arborist, trees have been a passion of mine for over 30 years. I have always enjoyed the outdoors and spent most of my free time outside when I was a child.

I’ll never forget my first introduction to the field of arboriculture, as an arborist I would get to climb trees and be paid for it? It sounded like a natural fit and I’ve never second guessed that decision.


The green asset industry is growing and property owners recognize the importance of maintaining and expanding our tree canopy, especially in our cities.

Green Bird Horticultural Ltd. provides arboriculture consulting services with a high level of experience and knowledge. Having your green assets managed by an arborist that has the certifications and required knowledge is priceless. The cost of replacing a failed tree in the landscape can greatly outweigh the cost of maintaining it, not to mention the number of years that will be required for a new tree to grow to a mature size.

The importance of design and planning when developing land that supports mature trees can not be overemphasized. Establishing areas within our communities that hold mature stands of trees and creating plans to protect them adds great value. As cities and towns continue to grow, it is even more important that we look at how we treat green spaces within our communities.  We work with development and construction companies to develop practical tree protection plans that conserve tree health while allowing for responsible soil disturbance and remedial measures that promote root growth.

Several studies have proven that living in cities and neighbourhoods with expanded green spaces has many benefits to our health and well-being. The environmental benefits for air quality, water quality, temperature reduction, wildlife habitat, improved property values and reduction in crime have also been demonstrated. Lets work together on the path to greener, greater communities that lead the way to a greener tomorrow for our families. The value of homes can be as much as 12% higher in communities that have established green spaces, making it clear that Canadians value green assets.

I look forward to working with you to manage your green assets and I urge you to be proactive. Once trees start to show signs of stress, it can be very difficult to restore health to what it once was. It is more effective, and in the long run less expensive, to avoid the problems through early detection and proper maintenance.

Please contact us to setup your property consultation and let us help give your trees a solid future. We service most of Southern and Central Ontario year round.

You can contact us by phone or fill out your information below and we will contact you.


~Love Your Trees~




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