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Welcome to Green Bird Horticultural Ltd. We provide high quality consulting arborist services to residential, commercial and municipal clients in southern Ontario at reasonable rates. We also provide a full range of tree care services to our clients (eg. tree pruning, dead-wooding, removal, cabling & bracing, stumping and planting).

Johl Anderson is the primary arborist with over 30 years in the industry delivering sound advise to clients. Johl has always promoted education in the industry and supported good arboriculture practices. He has been involved in many boards / committees to advance the industry and develop good practises insuring healthy urban forests for now and the future.

Did you know that a healthy, aesthetically pleasing landscape can add as much as 17% to the market value and consumer desirability of your property? Creating and managing a beautiful landscape can add so much enjoyment for residents. Green Bird can provide one or multi-year management plans as needed, and work with you to make sure it is within your budget.

Maintaining and adding trees “green space” to commercial sites such as office buildings, factories, warehouses retail outlets and smart centres dramatically increases the aesthetics of the curbside exposure to the buildings and shows a commitment to the community and environment. It has been shown that having trees around us reduces stress and calms our perception of the environment around us. People are calmer and happier in this state and this will add to their abilities to deal with issues much more efficiently.

Our goal is to help you manage your green assets while supporting a healthy environment. A mature, healthy maple tree can sequester as much as 4.4 tonnes of carbon dioxide, which can offset the carbon emissions of driving a compact car for one year.  Just imagine how much your property can do to offset the impacts of climate change while providing a personal oasis?

With our extensive knowledge in arboriculture and horticulture, we can create a Green Asset Management Plan specifically designed for your property’s needs.

Visit us on Youtube: proper pruning of young trees.

We look forward to working with you.  Tree period

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