Landscape Lighting

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to add some accent lighting to your home and landscape?  Do you have a specimen tree that you would like to be able to see at night, especially during the longer nights of fall and winter?

Perhaps you are wishing that you could change the position or quality of lighting in your landscape, or perhaps you have a light that isn’t functioning properly anymore?

Landscape lighting can add a comforting atmosphere of safety & security, that isn’t invasive to the neighbours.  Plus, the new LED components can reduce energy consumption by over 50% and do not negatively impact plant growth. Like other aspects of our homes, landscape lighting needs to be maintained. Over time, tree bark will grow around components and branches can block light sources and create more shading than originally intended.  

At Green Bird Horticultural Ltd., we are trained in landscape lighting installation and maintenance, including trouble-shooting for components.  We partner with landscape lighting professionals to help you make informed decisions about the installation and maintenance of your lighting system.  Contact us if you have questions about your landscape lighting, we can help.